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Welcome to Platon  Eco-Lodge


Due to its location and design, one can take pleasure in the harmony of nature while getting the opportunity to live an adventure.  We offers a truly relaxing experience where you will learn to appreciate the simple things in nature - letting yourself get carried away by the river, enjoying a refreshing shower and swimming under a waterfall - or simply delight your eyesight with the spectacular views.

Rooms & Rates


We have four types of cabins located in different natural environments. The mixture of different types of wood in our decoration and construction offers a pleasant and peculiar aroma throughout the project. Our aluzinc roofing allows visitors to enjoy the sound of rain in an ever more relaxing atmosphere.





There is a place in the southwestern Dominican Republic where unending miles of virginal beaches are caressed by the intense blue of the sea, and rivers end their long winding journey through imposing mountains that proudly showcase the exuberant endemic vegetation.

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