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Come and enjoy this beautiful ride surrounded by Platon’s mountains and rivers. Routes can take you through small communities for you to have a taste of our local culture. This is an adventure where you will be surrounded by nature and enjoying the relaxation and the beauty of the site.

Horseback Riding


This activity is the most exciting adventure for the whole family. Hop on one of our tubes and you will feel the adrenaline when you go through the rapids of the Nizao River.  This is a combination of action, nature and unique adventure.


This tour includes professional tour guides, basic training, and equipment: floaters, protective gear and appropriate clothing.



We will take you to climb a beautiful waterfall until you reach the source of the river. Also, you will be able to get to know the vegetation and fauna of the area. 


Come to explore and learn about this wonderful place.



Come and enjoy this wonderful water slide! You just need to grab a tube, go up the hill and let the water slide you down!

It is a 100-meter long slide that goes down to a beautiful natural pool. Dare to take on this adventure and prepare to feel the speed!


Onsite Experiences


Bahia de las Aguilas

This bay is located at the Jaragua National Park and displays the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic. These powder-like white sandy beaches with their crystal waters amaze their visitors over and over.  This beach is known worldwide as a "virgin beach" since it is in the middle of a national park and for this reason its waters are totally pollution free



Platón Ecolodge has many neighboring beaches. The rivers of the area end in these beaches and create the perfect combination for every different preference: those who like surfing or those who prefer a relaxing bath at the beach or river.


Los Patos: 20 minutes.

San Rafael: 30 minutes.

Quemaito: 40 minutes.


Enriquillo Lake

This is the largest lake in the Caribbean and the only one in the world located 40 meters below sea level. Its salinity level is three time higher than the one found in the sea. This lake has the Cabritos Island and two more small islands called La Islita and Barbarita.

Here you can find a type of native crocodile and a large iguana population which dwell the surroundings of the lake.


Wind Farm "Los Cocos"

This is the first wind farm in the Dominican Republic. It is a $90 million dollars investment and it consists in wind turbines that will save the country an estimated $20 millions dollars in fuel each year. With this wind farm, our country is located in the map of countries that have committed to the development of alternative energy sources to be environmentally friendly and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is estimated that these turbines will reduce over 90.000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.


Oviedo Lagoon

This lagoon belongs to the Jaragua National Park and is an important part for the preservation of birds. There is great bird diversity, different endangered species of the island, for types of mangrove forests, and impressive views.


This ride is done on small wooden boats (yolas) sailing around the lagoon.


"La Virgen" Cave

Tucked in the lush forests below the Bahoruco mountain range, this huge cavern is as thrilling to reach as its emerald-colored pools and two chambers, which are connected by a ladder. You’ll hike thirty minutes through a rainforest filled with local flora–including seven species of ferns, and fruit trees, all of which are labeled and reveal intriguing medicinal properties. Listen for birds, including the cigua palmera, hummingbirds, and over 40 additional species.

Offsite Experiences


From its Visitors Center, this 700 meter depression allows visitors to enjoy one of the most impressive views of the entire country. It is said it was created after the sinking of a mountain, or a coral bank emerging from the ocean.


We dare call it our Colorado Great Cannon.

Hoyo de Pelempito


Larimar has become an icon of Dominican identity since this is the only place in the world where Larimar can be found. Its attractive color as well as its hardness, shine, and ease to be polished, make this stone an excellent jewelry material. Larimar's personality is assured, since this unique variety is not found anywhere else in the world.

Larimar Workshop


Cachote is a small town inhabited by only 30 families settled on the Remigio hill, some 1300 meters above sea level. These families live without power or piping, and they make a living only out of four commercial activities: growing coffee, reforestation, growing cattle and ecotourism. This is the perfect place for camping and walking on trails in a tropical rain forest.


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