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Our greatest satisfaction is to teach our customers to appreciate and preserve what nature has in store for us, to show them around the surrounding areas and to encourage an appreciation for the local culture. We teach the community about the preservation of the environment so that through the years the next generations may have and enjoy a pollution-free sustainable environment.

It is important to point out that Platón Eco-Lodge is 100% green because:


* We use the energy provided by our five hydroelectric power plants which work simultaneously using the water from the surrounding rivers and without contaminating the riverbed.


* Even when we produce the power we use, we have installed energy saving lamps throughout the facilities.  


* All of our pools are completely natural, without chemical treatment for the water, and they are designed to allow water to flow naturally to the Río Nizao.


* Biodegradable solid wastes are disposed off locally and non-biodegradable wastes are handled by the municipality of Paraiso. 


* We have our own independent water supply system which brings pure high quality water directly from the spring. 


* Our restrooms discharge very little water (less than the standard 2 gallon per discharge) and we use reduce-flow showers (less than 3 gallons per minute), even when we have our own aqueduct. 

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